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In this post, we will share with you BGMI Account Ban Without Any Reason? We will also share with you all of the hack information about BGMI. So, read the article carefully to know all about the BGMI Account Ban Without Any Reason.

BGMI Account Ban Without Any Reason

You can’t do anything if your BGMI account gets banned without any reason. Because that is not your mistake is the fault of BGMI Corporation. But don’t worry you can request BGMI for urban review we will show who.

If you are convinced that you did not engage in any unethical activity and have teamed up with fraudsters more than once, the following steps can be followed to unban your BGMI account.

Step 1: Open BGMI and Log in to your account.
Step 2: The account Ban pop-up will appear.
Step 3: Click Details to know the mistake detected by the system.

Step 4: If the detected mistake is not performed by you, then click File Claim.
Step 5: Write a detailed unban request letter via email to Krafton at don’t forget to mention your BGMI character ID.

Once you send a BGMNunban request letter email your account will be reviewed manually by Battlegrounds Mobile India Team and once you have been penalized for a mistake you are not guilty of, your requested account will be immediately banned.

Sometimes due to some technical error, some accounts get banned but the good thing is if it is captured by the system and it will come back in position during the review.

Why Was My Account Banned?

Dynamo Gaming Bgmi Id

The anti-cheating system will always keep a close eye on the behavior of the players in the game. Any violations in the game will be punished after being detected by the system.

1. Use any cheating tools in the game;
2. Using an unauthorized 3rd-party program to log in to the game that alters client file data;
3. Any changes to the client file data illegally, for example: removing the grass or changing the model of the grass in the game;
4. Use an informal game client to play games.
5. Players may lose their accounts or lose money due to fraudulent players in the game or the promotion of illegal information or websites.
6. Team games cheat multiple times with teammates.
7. Use any unauthorized payment channel to recharge UC.
8. Team up with other team players.

In addition, download Battleground Mobile India from the official store to play the game. The informal / cracked game client is not supported and your account will be banned.

If the rules are violated after your account has been hacked and thus affect the rights of the game or other players, penalties will be imposed on your account regardless of who is using it. To avoid the risk of being banned, we strongly recommend that you do not share your account with other players.


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